As king of brokes, We set-out a couple of things this past weekend. Tried improving more shit on this blog + did pictures for a couple of buddies (check out our ghetto ass "studio" on the top pic). Last friday was also A & J Racing's special garage sale. I am pretty sure most have big wallet holes right now ;)

Isn't that great? saving up all your fucking money to blow it on your car ( 0 savings in the bank). yeah, yeah we heard it-- it aint smart to do that. BUT IT IS SOFAKING NICE TO DO SO ( not to mention it feels great and makes your penis larger). Got bills? screw them and buy those coilovers! Got a collection agency calling you? who gives a shit. Got the repo man infront of your house? take what you can take and run to mexico, STAT!

Right now, summer will hit vtec shortly. Before it does, we made a video for Afa and jdolf. Just a lil' teaser titled: Forshadowing

(make sure you click "HQ" for best results)

Oh yeah, before i forget... here is an update for jdolf's ride:

Phase 2 - Fuck shit up

For the first time in the months I've own this car (which felt like years) I have a smile on my face. The car finally has VTEC, it pulls like a mother and surprised me in a huge way and has scared many including myself.

Although it's fixed there's still some minor things to adress (Special thanks to Ben @ A&J Racing for doing his best to fix this cursed car) but once those are taken care of I can start phase 2, which is when the real fun begins by modding the shit out of this car and only with quality parts, I've gone too far into this thing to settle for cheap garbage. Motherfuck that.

I no longer feel regret, instead I feel like this car has more to give, so for now I'm going to enjoy this moment of peace and plan out how much bigger the hole in my wallet is going to be...


So thats it for now. Ill keep you folks updated as soon as anything goes down. - Meeks (photography by SH; Video by jdolf)

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Start button summer

DB7.C spent this hot summer day just chillin' @ our mothershop, A&J RACING. You could smell the grass, smell the grease and most importantly, smell the rich exhaust smell of jdolf's DC2. This biatch right here is actually happy with his bitch-ass car. I do not care what you say, but damn this car's vtec pulls like a mother; it scares the living shit out of me. This ongoing road of pain, tears and wallet holes has been a gift and a curse. Enough said, heres a little article DB7.C made (mostly by jdolf) for his car titled:

Turning a dirty whore into a plain old slut
Jdolf:"My living hell on wheels"

PROJECT: DC2 - So what the fuck is it and why should I give a shit?

Project DC2 is my living hell on wheels, my nightmare, my money pit, my passion.

I bought the car in November 2008 and 2 weeks after I bought it I discovered a problem, it was burning oil; lots of it. It turned out to be 2 dying piston rings and rebuilding the engine would've costed as much as a replacement, rebuilt Type-R engine I found.

The car has had a lot of little problems and is becoming a nigtmare but I'm too far into it financially to turn around and sell it. So now, the only route I can take is to make it my project vehicle.

I plan on building up and racing the car with local motorsport clubs, maybe then it wont be a nightmare anymore but a dream to drive. But, like everything else in the world, money is an issue, this is gonna be hell...

Engine specs

For right now at least...

- Rebuilt B18C5 engine from Integra Type-R
- BLOX stage 1 camshafts
- MUGEN valvetrain parts
- Spoon headgasket
- Ported and polished head
- JDM Integra Type-R pistons
- Stock Integra Type-R air box
- MOTUL 8100 5w-40 synthetic oil
- T1R 4-2-1 Header with 2.5" collector
- GS-R Transmission

And it still has problems...

"Just an idea" To-do list

- J's racing "whale penis" intake
- T1R Header (DONE)***
- T1R test pipe (DONE)***
- T1R catback (DONE) ***
- TODA A cams and valvetrain
- Hondata S200

- T1R B-52 MAX damper
- ASR subframe bar
- BEAKS tie bar
- BLOX rear control arms
- Miracle "X" bar
- Password JDM 3pt front strut bar
- T1R dry carbon c-pillar bar

- Endless pads
- Prelude caliper upgrade
- Brembo blank rotors
- T1R Braided steel lines
- Motul RBF600 brake fluid

Wheels / Tires:
unannounced 17"x8.5' rims
Falken Azenis
Pulled fenders

- Black JDM Recaro seats
- S2000 cluster
- DEFI gauges

What a fucking bitch...

I knew I would eventually get in trouble with the law in this car, but I never expected it to come with a lesson in irony.

Simply put, my car had a problem where the check engine light would come on under hard driving, so in order for me to find out what the problem was, I had to get a CEL again to get the shop to scan it. The only way to do it ofcourse was to drive it hard. So I did just that before I got to the shop, and as you can see from the piece of paper in the picture, it’s a speeding ticket.

So what’s the irony in this? After I got to the shop and had it scanned, it turned out to be the Oxygen Sensor, which when I bought a new one to replace it, cost the exact same amount as my speeding ticket.


Making a car breathe and fart better is an easy and common way to increase power in your car. Stock exhaust systems are very restrictive to keep noise down and keep the tree huggers happy which reduces performance. Getting a larger diameter exhaust system with aftermarket catbacks and header(s) are a common way to increase power and give a nice “fuck you” to hippies. On the flip side, people do it simply for the sound and looks and not about performance, we tend to call these people ricers (Sorry Jon L, j/k).

Now no matter how many excuses I make about me not being a ricer, the system I ended up choosing was mainly for the sound and looks (I also got a pretty good deal for it). A 2.25” system would’ve been fine and have good gains, but I decided to go 2.5” all the way. I picked the T1R (Type-One Racing) header, resonated test pipe and catback (which I got used) all of which are made with titanium…and holy shit it’s LOUD.

My car is 11 years old and doesn’t have as much sound deadening as new cars of today, so from the inside it’s like someone’s playing the bongos with your skull. It’s safe to say that it’s a cockblocker because I’m certain most girls won’t enjoy how loud it is inside unless your girlfriend is deaf or likes to yell at you in which case the exhaust is the least of your worries. Performance wise it’s great, way better than my old rusted ass GS-R exhaust. Mid-range and top end power has noticeably increased even with my VTEC not working, and I can only imagine how much of a difference it’d make once it does. The finish is excellent and over time will have a nice multicolour burnt look to it.

Overall I’m happy with it but I do wish it was a little quieter; I have to drive at 2000rpm or 2600rpm to keep the car quiet while driving. I know I look like a ricer by having this exhaust while on stock height but thanks to my friends (Thanks guys!) pitching in some money for a birthday present and the deal that was offered for the header, test pipe and install I couldn’t pass it up. Also its fun scaring people when downshifting and setting off car alarms in parking lots,
I can’t wait for my VI!

There you fucking go, jdolf's bitch ain't done, so keep on coming back and we'll keep you posted. More drama ensues, that i will guarantee you. Special thanks to AJRBUN (A & J Racing owner and head tech for taking care of our cars) -Meeks (photography by SH)

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DEADB7.CREW launch

DEADBEA7.CREW Blog launch /// May 22nd, 2009

D7.CREW is a your average, joe-schmoe typical gearheads with attitude group providing the full range of media services. Our focus is on innovative solutions that will blow you out the water and proving that a P&S camera,a $6 tripod,crop sensor dslrs and $10 in the bank would be possible competing against top quality richboy amateur smack that shiet productions. our goal is to accelerate the delivery of life-changing, penis enlarging average joe-schmoe rides and reppin' them up on the net for the benefit of the owner.

This group/close set of friends are comprised of jdolf, SH, A.tam and me.

For nearly three years, we have been bored and has served us nothing. so we got great use of our time and just fucked shit up. more things to come 2009

Our vision

To be the best-in-class provider of clinical developing services to the gearheadly bored nice car owners out there.

D7.CREW imperatives

  • Drive and dont give a shit
  • Focus on your subject, needs and build our brand
  • Maximize quality and increase capability
  • Develop talent and reward performance


    Jdolf - Video
    SH - Foto
    A.tam - Foto
    Meeks - Foto/Sound

    Special thanks to:

    click here to go to A & J Racing's website

    A & J Racing
    Tel: 604.279.0329
    Fax: 604.279.0839

    © 2009 DEADBEA7.CREW ///

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