DEADB7.CREW launch

DEADBEA7.CREW Blog launch /// May 22nd, 2009

D7.CREW is a your average, joe-schmoe typical gearheads with attitude group providing the full range of media services. Our focus is on innovative solutions that will blow you out the water and proving that a P&S camera,a $6 tripod,crop sensor dslrs and $10 in the bank would be possible competing against top quality richboy amateur smack that shiet productions. our goal is to accelerate the delivery of life-changing, penis enlarging average joe-schmoe rides and reppin' them up on the net for the benefit of the owner.

This group/close set of friends are comprised of jdolf, SH, A.tam and me.

For nearly three years, we have been bored and has served us nothing. so we got great use of our time and just fucked shit up. more things to come 2009

Our vision

To be the best-in-class provider of clinical developing services to the gearheadly bored nice car owners out there.

D7.CREW imperatives

  • Drive and dont give a shit
  • Focus on your subject, needs and build our brand
  • Maximize quality and increase capability
  • Develop talent and reward performance


    Jdolf - Video
    SH - Foto
    A.tam - Foto
    Meeks - Foto/Sound

    Special thanks to:

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    A & J Racing
    Tel: 604.279.0329
    Fax: 604.279.0839

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