As king of brokes, We set-out a couple of things this past weekend. Tried improving more shit on this blog + did pictures for a couple of buddies (check out our ghetto ass "studio" on the top pic). Last friday was also A & J Racing's special garage sale. I am pretty sure most have big wallet holes right now ;)

Isn't that great? saving up all your fucking money to blow it on your car ( 0 savings in the bank). yeah, yeah we heard it-- it aint smart to do that. BUT IT IS SOFAKING NICE TO DO SO ( not to mention it feels great and makes your penis larger). Got bills? screw them and buy those coilovers! Got a collection agency calling you? who gives a shit. Got the repo man infront of your house? take what you can take and run to mexico, STAT!

Right now, summer will hit vtec shortly. Before it does, we made a video for Afa and jdolf. Just a lil' teaser titled: Forshadowing

(make sure you click "HQ" for best results)

Oh yeah, before i forget... here is an update for jdolf's ride:

Phase 2 - Fuck shit up

For the first time in the months I've own this car (which felt like years) I have a smile on my face. The car finally has VTEC, it pulls like a mother and surprised me in a huge way and has scared many including myself.

Although it's fixed there's still some minor things to adress (Special thanks to Ben @ A&J Racing for doing his best to fix this cursed car) but once those are taken care of I can start phase 2, which is when the real fun begins by modding the shit out of this car and only with quality parts, I've gone too far into this thing to settle for cheap garbage. Motherfuck that.

I no longer feel regret, instead I feel like this car has more to give, so for now I'm going to enjoy this moment of peace and plan out how much bigger the hole in my wallet is going to be...


So thats it for now. Ill keep you folks updated as soon as anything goes down. - Meeks (photography by SH; Video by jdolf)

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